4 quick skin saving tips for long flights

by Sohyun Park

For busy jet setters, mastering an in-flight beauty routine is the secret to possessing the holy grail of fresh, dewy post-flight skin. We promise you it does exist! We can’t help you out with bad airline food or a snorey neighbour, but we can give you some tips for an airborne skin routine that will leave you glowing after a long haul flight.



Thou shalt remove thy makeup


The golden rule of happy post-flight skin? You have to remove your makeup! The dry environment of the plane and a face full of pore clogging makeup creates the perfect storm for tired, dehydrated skin and post-flight breakouts. No thank you.


Cleansing your face while airborne doesn’t need to be a drama. There’s no need to lug bottles of cleansers and makeup remover around in your carry on. Individually packaged, our nourishing organic makeup remover, The Wipe, slips easily into your handbag. It’s your mini secret weapon for clean, makeup-free skin.



Mid-flight masking


You can almost feel the moisture being sucked out of your skin’s every pore as the plane hits cruising altitude. Popping on a sheet mask soaked in hydrating and plumping moisturizing serum will do wonders to save thirsty skin. The serum from the mask will penetrate deep into the skin’s epidermis, softening the skin and enhancing elasticity.


It may feel kind of #awkward getting friendly with a sheet mask at 20,000 feet but focus on what’s best for your face, not what your neighbour in seat 3A thinks of your mid flight beauty routine.



Avoid post flight breakouts


The dreaded airplane acne. Urgh. We know that the lack of moisture in the cabin dries your skin out like no-ones business, but did you know this leads to even oiler skin by the end of the flight?


Dry skin causes your glands to shift oil production into overdrive. With all the excess oil trapped under a dry top layer of skin, it’s the perfect environment for blackheads and breakouts to have a field day on your face. Combat this with the religious application of moisturizer during the flight, even after you’ve giving the sheet mask a good workout. Cleansing first with The Wipe will also give your skin a hit of hydration thanks to the superstar ingredient aloe vera ((link to the other blog post about ingredients in The Wipe) which is packed skin regenerating antioxidants, like beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E, keeping skin hydrated and firm.


It’s a good idea to treat yourself to a facial too, complete with extractions, prior to jetting off.



Water, Water, Water


It’s the oldest advice in the beauty bible for great post runway skin; drink a lot of water during your flight! But do you actually do it? When you’re in festive travel mode, between glasses of vino or champers, it’s all too easy to skip the water. Not guzzling enough H20 during a flight = puffy, tired looking skin. Swap the alcoholic bubbles for bubbles of sparkling mineral water instead and your skin will thank you.


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