Working out is great for your body but it can wreak havoc on your face unless you’ve got your pre and post workout skincare nailed. Say goodbye to panda eyes on the treadmill and oily breakouts with our 5 hot tips to gym proof your skin!


1. Off with the makeup


Slogging through a cardio session in a full face of makeup is a huge skincare no-no. It’s a tried and true recipe for sweat pimples.


Makeup, especially foundation, creates a barrier over your pores. When you work out, your pores and sweat glands open up, to cool down your body. Rocking a full face of makeup while you exercise traps the mix of perspiration and oil under your makeup; your skin can’t breathe and sweat pimples follow soon after.


Not to mention, mascara pooling in the sweat under your eyes is not a good look!


The Wipe is your gym skincare saviour. Small and light, it slides easily into your gym bag and The Wipe’s organic ingredients (link to other The Wipe ingredients blog) will nourish your skin before you hop on that treadmill. It’s the simplest way to start your gym sess with clean skin. Oh, and rocking a natural post-workout glow is so much better than bronzer!

2. Keep your hands off your skin and no sweatbands


Keep your hands off your skin while you work out to avoid spreading bacteria from workout machines and equipment onto your face. Yikes!


Also, if you’re especially prone to breakouts, wearing a headband, hat or bandanna across your forehead is a no go. They’ll cause perspiration to get trapped inside the pores and leave you with spotty breakouts around your forehead. Push the accessory back into the hairline instead of resting on the forehead.


3. Cleanse ASAP after your workout


Working up a sweat barefaced is a great way to detoxify skin; when you sweat you’re purging impurities and cleaning out pores. Sounds great right? But let that sweat sit too long on your skin and your face will be swimming in bacteria, dirt and oil; affecting its pH balance and clogging up your pores.


Helloooooo breakout.


It’s super important to cleanse immediately after a workout, don’t wait until you get home.


Choose a gentle cleanser too, steer away from those containing skin drying ingredients sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate as your skin will already be dehydrated post work out. No cleanser? Break out a face wipe instead!


4. Skip the hot shower


It can be tempting to lather up in a long, hot shower post workout to relax sore muscles…but it’s not so great for your skin. Hot water will strip your skin of natural oils, which will result in skin overcompensating and producing more oil which of course leads to breakouts. Opt for a lukewarm shower instead.



5. Rehydrate post work out


Give your thirsty skin a hit of moisture as soon as you step out of the shower, it’s the best time to rehydrate dry skin. Post workout, the skin will likely be flushed, the heat that is generated in your body from exercise can lead to dilated capillaries. To combat this, opt for a pre-gym moisturiser with soothing, calming ingredients like chamomile, rosemary and cucumber. Don’t forget to chug on H20 and rehydrate from the inside out too.

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