Cracking open a big packet of fresh face wipes, we're talking about the kind that isn't individually packaged, feels great when you use the first few wipes.They’re clean, moist and smell amazing.


Fast forward a few uses later and things aren’t doing so great inside that package. When wipes aren’t individually sealed, they’re exposed to bacteria and prone to drying out. A better idea? Opt for individually packaged wipes, you’ll save your skin from wrinkles and breakouts, here’s why...



Choose individual packaging to avoid bacteria



Bacteria love moist environments and will breed like crazy once impurities and other nasties have sunk their way into the package through the ‘resealable’ opening. Bouncing around at the bottom of your gym or work bag probably hasn’t helped things.


When we’re touching different objects all day long, we pick up bacteria and allergens with our fingertips. Dipping those same fingers in and out of an old, opened package of face wipes will spread bacteria from the cloth to your skin. Shortly followed by a breakout. Not exactly the result we’re looking for from a product intended to cleanse our complexion!



Dried out face wipes can cause wrinkles


When a face wipe begins to dry out, it’s way less effective in removing makeup, sweat and impurities. You really need to scrub it hard and drag the skin to get makeup removing, skin cleansing results. If you have to pull excessively at the skin around the delicate eye area in an attempt to remove every trace of Saturday night’s perfect cat eye, it’s a problem. You’ll damage the connective tissue under the skin’s surface; hello puffiness, broken blood vessel and ultimately - wrinkles.


Don’t let semi-dried, bacteria-riddled face wipes cause skin problems down the track. Opting for individually packaged makeup or face wipes is a much better option for your 'skincare in a rush' solution.


The Wipe is individually packaged (yay!) so it locks in all the moisture and vitamins, keeping out bacteria so each wipe will be as fresh as the last.


The nourishing organic ingredients (link to ingredients blog) won’t dry out and there’s no need to tug roughly around the eyes to get the job done.


Light and not bulky, The Wipe’s individual packaging makes it ridiculously easy to take one anywhere you go. Convenience = treating your skin properly, even when you're in a rush or just plain can’t be bothered removing that mask of makeup.


Slip The Wipe into your gym tote for a pre-workout cleansing sesh (link to exercise tips blog) because we all know working out in makeup is a skincare sin. Or pop The Wipe into your work bag and easily take your look from office to glam quicker than you can say “After work drinks?”


The Wipe is also biodegradable. Choosing biodegradable wipes over the alternative is something we should all be doing. Mindful skincare choices really do make a difference to the planet we call home. The Wipe makes it simple to care for your skin and reduce your environmental impact too. We call that a win / win!


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