You’ve seen a lot of the world! Tell us a little about your background and where you’re from.


I was born in Hong Kong. After studying in a middle school, I went to UK to finish high school and university; I ended up spending 7 years in the UK. During that time I travelled to many countries, but I was still a Hong Konger! Eventually, I came back home to start my career here.


A career in international fashion sounds oh so glamorous…but what’s it like behind the scenes?


I am working in the marketing department of an international fashion brand. Mostly I take care of branding and marketing activities and arrange fashion shows in Milan twice a year; this is the brand’s biggest event. Work is busy, I do struggle to manage work-life balance.


You started ballet dancing in Hong Kong and later in the UK. What is the main difference ballet dancing in Hong Kong vs the UK?


I started ballet when I was 3 years old; I loved dancing to music when I was little, especially classical music. My parents saw that I was interested in ballet so that’s beginning of my dancing history.


I started doing ballet in Hong Kong, then I moved to the UK to study. I didn’t stop dancing because this is what I love, so I continued and I also got my Grade 8 RAD certificate in the UK. In UK, they value more freedom and more creative movements, while in Hong Kong, ballet is more restricted compared to the UK. In Hong Kong, it’s more about movement control and achieving the results.


Ballet dancing is an amazing (and challenging!) form of exercise; share with us some of the health benefits ballet has brought you?


Ballet is the most fundamental and the most challenging type of dance – the focus is more on the movement control, skills and techniques. If you are able to do ballet, any other type of dance won’t be difficult to learn. Besides that, nicer posture, more elegant movements, slimmer, better at controlling your muscles, good training for the brain (to remember all the steps) haha. Who doesn’t want to be like a ballerina?


Besides ballet practice, what other tips do you have for living a healthy, balanced life?


I go to the gym regularly, at least twice per week. I work with a trainer to really push myself beyond my limit. I think healthy living is a holistic lifestyle. These days, I try to eat healthily, even picking up healthy Siu mai (FYI: Siu mai is a Chinese dumpling in both restaurants and street).


Your perfect weekend in Hong Kong, what would it be?


I really love hunting out new places for high tea, a relaxing brunch with my family and my partner or laughing until I cry with my best friends at dinner!


Tell us your favourite place to exercise in Hong Kong?


My home (haha) and a dance studio near my home.


Hong Kong’s nightlife is amazing, we’d love to know which bars and restaurants you’d recommend?


I love discovering cool bars, such as Where Bar and Lounge at Tsim Sha Tsui and Ozone at the 102th floor of the Ritz Carlton hotel. My other favourites are Palm Court at The Langham Hotel and Nadaman at The Island Shangri-La Hotel.


Life sounds very busy for you! When you do take a break, where do you love to travel?


I always imagine holiday destinations must be close to the sea. I love Bali and Santorini, perfect getaway places from busy Hong Kong! I miss London and Paris. I love going back to the cities with my old friends and to be reminded of our old memories.


What are your must-bring beauty products when you’re travelling, the things you really can’t live without!?


I usually do more fuller makeup on holiday, because I have more time and I like to look prettier in photos! To prep flawless skin, I bring a few paper masks and a face cream. A concealer is a must to bring along, because it can do the job of foundation while travelling and I never forget to pack my makeup remover, for beautiful skin the next day.


In 5 years from now, what would you love life to look like for you?


I’d love to have enough time to travel to at least 2 of my perfect holiday destinations, I’ll still be working hard and maybe in 5 years, I can be a lovely wife of someone I love?



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