Our Story

Hello Moovers! Glad you are here. We are a small but firm team starting our journey with Moove lighter, moove faster as a key value. Moover is an organic and natural skincare range for those who like to move their body and move around the world, just like you.

I, myself, am a Moover, too. Born and raised in Korea (South, not North), I lived in different countries such as United States, Singapore, and now in Hong Kong, China, for studying and working. And, I always explore different cultures, new cultures, and new people. It is my pleasure to mark new holiday destinations on a scheduler at every beginning of year.

I love to moove my body, Yoga, jogging, Thai boxing, gym, lifting, surfing in summer, and skiing in winter. It all started for losing weight, but now it become part of my life. While doing all these, I always need to carry huge gym bags or luggage with cloths, toiletery, etc. I was tired of bringing so much things when I go a studio just next to my home or a short weekend getaway. I sometimes buy two sets of same skin care products, 1 for home and 1 for the bag. You all feel the same pain.

Then, I was thinking, “how about having a little sachet of product to carry around in a pocket of leggings or a wallet?”

Starting from my own need, Moover Organics has been started. With the group of people who sweat together, we started our journey.

Hope you moove lighter, and faster with us :)

Moover Organics Products

Products are individually packed to sit perfectly anywhere from your little pouch to gym bag, even in a pocket on your jersey. To find the very responsible manufacturer which will deliver our key value to products and environment, we’ve been contacted numerous companies worldwide. Most of the products are organically grown and wildly harvested to serve most sensitive skin. Full ingredients are listed on the products and the website. We show all to you which products are organic and the percentage of organic ingredients. We want an honest relationship. No lies, no mind game, no cheating.

Where is Moover made?

 We produce everything organically from farming to producing, packaging in Southern France. We are serious about it - certified by Qualite France. We are also distributing from dynamic city, Hong Kong.  

Why do I need The Wipe?

Before your yoga class, in the changing room, in the airplane, after late night party, are you still in makeup? We still need to be pretty wherever we are, but we always regret when we see That pimple showing up after long time makeup. Yes, makeup cloaks our pores with the dirt and sweat. Take one wipe into your pouch or pocket. Remove, tone, and moisturise your skin instantly. Wherever you go!


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